MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A lawyer on Tuesday released a statement on the behalf of a man accused of pointing a gun at a group of Somali teenagers at an Eden Prairie McDonald’s.

The fight happened on Nov. 19 and was caught on camera. The teenagers say that Lloyd Johnson started to yell at them after a failed attempt to pay for food.

One of the teens said he made an insult aimed at them: “You are probably trying to pay with EBT.” They said he held a fist up at her, which is when some of the other boys in the group came to her defense, and that’s when they say Johnson pulled out a gun and pointed it at them.

A video allegedly showing Lloyd Johnson threatening Somali teens inside of an Eden Prairie McDonald’s (credit: CBS)

Yesterday, prosecutors charged the 55-year-old with felony terroristic threats and gross misdemeanor carrying a gun without a permit.

Johnson’s attorney released a statement saying, in part, “We ask that he not be judged until all of the evidence has been considered. We are confident the evidence will show he acted in self-defense.”

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says not all have been interviewed and there could be additional charges against Johnson.

Police say they did recover his gun, which was loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition.

Comments (9)
  1. Look like they were following him out the door so he has a strong case.

  2. Sharon Skrok Barsalou says:

    Its not self defense when you provoke people knowing you have the advantage because you have a hidden gun.

  3. Another coward. And he was illegally carrying a firearm.

    1. The thugs were about to attack him. Thanks God we have a right to own guns in this country.

  4. Maya ADog says:

    You don’t need a permit to protect yourself.

  5. PrLoretha Yvonne says:

    Who believes him..