SHAKOPEE, Minn. (WCCO) — Rebecca Fobes is a speech language pathologist at Jackson Elementary School in Shakopee.

Whether her students are having trouble pronouncing their “r”s or making “th” sounds, Fobes helps them sound it out until they get it right.

Her dedication is what makes her an Excellent Educator.

Fobes helps around 50 different students pronounce their words. With a busy schedule, she still finds time to individualize each lesson to fit that student’s needs.

“I work with students with pronunciation, with articulation, expressive language,” she said. “I like to solve puzzles and solve problems, and everybody is kind of different and I like to figure out what every student needs and then they get it.”

Students only work with Fobes for a temporary amount of time. She says it doesn’t take long for her students to grasp her lessons.

“A lot of students are dismissed from speech, some people continue on in junior high and high school, but a lot of people get done what they need to get done in elementary school,” she said.

Fobes will be by her student’s sides no matter how long it takes. Preparing them for a successful future is what matters most to her.

“When they get older it will kind of be a big deal that they can speak really clearly, they can do any job they want because they sound so good,” she said.

Kim Johnson


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