MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With Jack Frost nipping at everyone’s nose, you’d think Minnesota would be a state with a lot of Christmas cheer.

That’s apparently not the case, though. A new survey ranks Minnesota 44th out of 50 in having the most Christmas spirit.

The survey results were determined by two factors — online activity and area culture.

The former factor looked at the number of Google searches for Christmas movies, gingerbread houses, wrapping paper, cards, ornaments, Elf on a Shelf. It also eyed the amount of Christmas music residents were streaming.

In the category of area culture, the survey looked at the number of Christmas tree farms per capita and the amount of charitable giving.

Most of the states that ranked low on the list of Christmas spirit are in hotter climates — Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii.

The states that ranked highest on the list, in order, were Washington, South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, and Maine.

Iowa ranked 24th, and Wisconsin ranked 14th.