MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Billionaire Jeff Bezos has pledged $2.5 million to a Minneapolis nonprofit that helps the homeless.

Simpson Housing Services tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the grant from the Amazon founder and CEO is the largest in its 35-year history.

The donation will help the organization expand its family housing program over the next four years.

The nonprofit has recently helped move people living at the homeless encampment into a temporary shelter across the highway. As many as 300 people lived at the camp, where safety concerns surfaced.

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Comments (6)
  1. Bailing out banks so banks can continue to artificially inflate home prices in the Twin Cities area?

  2. Good news! Hopefully Bezos contribution will inspire more business to do the same.
    I’ve often thought dollar for dollar tax breaks should be given to corporations who give to approved charities.

  3. Sharon Day says:

    I’m going to dream of a day when some christian church gives us one of their buildings, and some corporation gives iptf some funds to build our new community center so we have adequate space and funds to do our work. But in the meantime, just going to whistle a little wolf tune and hope some Indians get more than a temporary shelter over the winter.

  4. Carmen Live says:

    You could do better with that money. Don’t donate to those over judging people, they destroyed the church

  5. All those non-profit places are just using the money for themselves. Good homeless people are still on the street. over two years for me and I helped and volunteered years. Just because I am grieving and have GLBT’s discriminating against me it is not fair