By Chris Shaffer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Although the egg roll’s close cousin – the spring roll – hails from China, most research leads us to believe the egg roll was invented around 1930 in a Chinese restaurant in New York City.

It’s still rooted in Asian cuisine, it’s just Asian-American. But when you taste an egg roll from Que Viet, you won’t care where it came from.

You can always tell a good restaurant by the number of cars parked out front during lunch. It all began at the restaurant’s Johnson Street location.

“My grandpa and my mom worked at a different Asian restaurant, and then he was biking to work one day and he came across the restaurant you’re at now, and he saw a for sale sign, so he went home and told my mom and then we opened the restaurant,” Dat Le said.

Owners Dat and Lauren Le were on vacation when they received the “Best Of” news but wanted to share a little of their family’s story. The restaurant opened in 1980.

“I grew up in the kitchen, so I don’t think there was any question,” Dat said.

The egg rolls have even become a popular staple at the state fair.

Most egg rolls are usually served as appetizers, but Que Viet egg rolls are a meal all by themselves.

“Crunchy, not greasy, flavorful and the sauce is perfect,” one customer said. “When I got married, I even had them at my wedding reception.”

“We just want to say thank you so much to everyone and all of our customers that voted for us, we’re so grateful and honored, and it just means the world to us,” Lauren said.

Chris Shaffer

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  1. Teri-Tom Rossbach says:

    I LOVE CHRIS SHAFFER !! I enjoy watching him report the weather. He’s so easy to listen to and very informative – giving quick “lessons” about the balances of nature.I always feel informed of ‘how’ & ‘why’ & ‘maybe??’ I love that he loves the Beatles (welcome to the great music of our generation – Class of 69) His parents must have introduced him to all different genres of music. Good job Mom & Dad!! My only disappointment was that when Neil Diamond came to Excel in May, 2017, Chris didn’t do the naming his songs to the forecast. I tape the 5 & 10 o’clock news each day & didn’t see it. Oh well we got a live performance from a great artist — priceless Now we’re off to get the BEST egg rolls in Minnesota! thanks for the tip!! from Teri in Maplewood