LAKEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — A former student is joining a lawsuit against the Lakeville school district over injuries he suffered in a 2015 car crash during a Nerf gun game.

Twenty-one-year-old Alexander Hughes claims school officials should have taken steps to protect students from what they knew was a dangerous game. Hughes and another student survived the crash that killed Jacob Flynn and John Price. Authorities say Hughes was behind the wheel of a pickup that crashed after he reached for a Nerf gun.

The parents of the teens who were killed are also suing Lakeville Area Schools. The Star Tribune reports law enforcement officials determined that Nerf Wars competition was a factor in the crash.

The district says the crash was not its fault and that the Nerf game was not a school activity. Hughes is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

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  1. Public Schools are set up to be gravy boats for ambulance chasers.

  2. Tommy Johnson says:

    They should sue Charles Darwin. LOL..I am sorry for your loss, that really is sad. But your greed makes it harder to be sympathetic. Your kids were told and KNEW that messing around while driving is very dangerous…for what kind of parents would you be if you never said as much to them. Your children were victims of natural selection…go ahead and tell yourself otherwise.