By Mary McGuire

BARRON, Wis. (WCCO) — A miracle. Jennifer Halvorson and Melissa Salmonson can’t describe Jayme Closs’ incredible journey home any other way.

“The odds of how it all worked out. We get to witness that and that’s pretty incredible,” Halvorson said.

“We literally never gave up. We focused on prayer and anything that we could do that would help bring her home and the belief that she would,” said Halvorson.

Friends of the Closs family, the two women are behind the “Light the Way Home for Jayme” Facebook page.

It was created as a space on social media for faith, prayer and hope as the country searched for any sign of the 13-year-old girl.

“We have messages on our Facebook site in different languages — German and Greek, all sorts of different things — there are people from everywhere,” said Halvorson.

Over the past three months, hope has been a theme throughout this small western Wisconsin town.

The sentiment now covers the walls of Jayme’s new room.

“They decorated a room for her and made it girly and did some blue butterflies because her favorite color is blue and we have the big blue butterfly push for her. It’s a sign of hope,” Halvorson said.

“She has her dog, Molly, so I know that makes her happy … I think it feels like a part of home to have Molly with her.”

Nothing negative is ever allowed on the site: no talk of the suspect, no photos of the home where Jayme was hidden.

Now that this shy, sweet girl is back in the arms of her family, the page will serve as a permanent reminder of how much she is loved.

“Eventually, she will be able to go there, when she’s ready, and read the messages that people all over the world are leaving for her,” Salmonson said.

Mary McGuire


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