MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Mankato say a toddler is OK after falling out of a car while strapped into a car seat.

Dashcam video of the incident was recorded Monday morning by Chad Mock, who was driving behind the vehicle.

Mock’s video shows the 2-year-old girl falling from the vehicle near Hy-Vee on Riverfront Drive. Mock is seen rushing over to help and stopping traffic to attend to the little girl.

Mankato police say the child’s mother was driving when her daughter fell out of the car, but that the little girl suffered no apparent injuries.

Police say she was properly fastened inside the car seat, but that the seat was not adequately attached to the car.

It is not clear why the door opened.

As seen on Mock’s video, the mother didn’t immediately notice her girl had fallen out of the car. She drove at least a few more blocks before realizing her girl was not in the back seat.

Police say the case will go to the county attorney’s office for consideration of charges of child endangerment.

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  1. Terese Libby says:

    To the news/media investigators: Instead of shaming this parent, please follow up on this incident with an informational spot about how parents, grandparents and caregivers can learn how to install their car seats correctly.
    Safe kids worldwide (safekids.org) is one organization offering free sessions at many locations for parents and anyone wishing to learn safe installation. These include Babies are Us, car dealerships, etc. Trained volunteers work with parents to check the car seat installation in each parent’s car. (My daughter and son-in-law law are both volunteers thru GM and Fiat-Chrysler.). The website also provides information and videos.
    It doesn’t take long to do and can potentially save a child’s life to install the baby seat or booster seat correctly.

    Thank you in advance for helping the public understand how important this is!

  2. Michael Wall says:

    Any fire station will install a car seat for you.

  3. Laura Nance says:

    Look at the 14 second mark. The car stopped at a green light, and someone inside shut the door, and they continued to drive.

  4. BABY ON BOARD………oops, dammit ! ! !