MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The WCCO Weather watcher is flashing blue  — which means Minnesotans are in for an extreme bitter blast over the next few days, with temperatures we haven’t felt since 1996.

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And while we endure the frigid temperatures and potentially record-breaking wind chills, many are finding comfort snuggled up to their favorite TV shows and movies.

But with so many choices and so many platforms to watch it can all be very overwhelming. So we put together a list of our all-time favorites, the hidden gems if you will, of the best TV series and movies found on various streaming services.

Below are some of our team’s top picks, in no specific order:

Mozart in the Jungle
“Absolutely love Mozart in the Jungle. Smart, witty and music related if you’re a music fan! I like it because you can start it and easily binge watch without needing to pay attention to a complicated plot. I’ve recommended it to several friends.” — Kate Raddatz, Reporter

(This comedy can be found on Amazon Prime, it’s an Amazon original series.)

The Price Is Right

“Whenever I was home sick, watching Bob Barker on The Price Is Right was my tradition. Always felt like a special treat. And as a long-time fan, dare I say that the Drew Carey version is even better?” — Jason DeRusha, Anchor

(The Price Is Right is available for streaming on CBS All Access.)


“This is fast-paced, character-driven movie with intertwining story lines that all come together after a diamond heist. It’s Guy Ritchie’s best movie, in my opinion, and has amazing transitions, camera work and character development.  And it’s full of great lines and performances by Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and tons of other characters that you’ll love & hate. It’s not one to watch with the kids, however.” — Cole Premo, Web Producer

(You can rent Snatch on iTunes, Amazon Prime and other streaming places.)


“This is the new Jennifer Aniston movie musically produced by the glorious Dolly Parton. It addresses life after grief and pounds on the self-image war our culture is in. But DANG, it makes you laugh, takes you back to high school and more importantly, takes you back to summer! Y’all will love it!” — Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, Reporter

(You can stream Dumplin’ on Netflix.)

The Golden Girls

“When it’s cold, there’s nothing like a warm blanket. And no TV show feels more like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket than ‘The Golden Girls,’ which also happens to take place in balmy Miami. Pull up a slice of cheesecake, get into your favorite ’80s shoulder pads and enjoy a few hours spent with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia.” — Eric Henderson, Web Content Manager

(“The Golden Girls” can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services.)

Wind River

“Wind River is based on a true story; tragedy in a climate colder than ours!” — Erica Jansen, Producer

(You can watch Wind River on Netflix.)

The Great British Baking Show

“Hands down the most charming, mouth-watering and binge-friendly competition on Netflix. Those who don’t think so deserve only pity.” — Jonathan Sharp, Web Producer

(“The Great British Baking Show” is available to stream on Netflix.)

Hell or High Water

“It’s been out for awhile, but it was excellent.” — John Lauritsen, Reporter


“It’s everything you need in a series and by the end you’ll feel like you’re part of the Braverman family.” — Aly May, Newsroom Apprentice