UPDATE: Xcel says most Minnesotans had power restored by Wednesday morning.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of Minnesotans endured the coldest night in a generation without power.

Xcel Energy says equipment failures on power poles is leading to outages all over the metro Tuesday evening, which started at about 5:40 p.m.

At the peak of the outage, about 8,000 residents were affected in the Twin Cities metro area. As of 11 p.m., less than 600 customers people were still without power.

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The Anzalone family said their Bloomington neighborhood went dark around dinner time. Like many in the metro, they were bundled up and reading by candelight, hoping they didn’t have to leave their house. They say the latest update for power returning is 3 a.m. Wednesday.

“If the power doesn’t come back on, we’re talking to family and some friends in the area, see where we may spend the night, because it is getting cold, fast,” said Erin Anzalone.

Xcel officials say they sent extra crews because of the dangerous cold.

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  1. Phil Wagner says:

    Those linemen are some kind of super-heroes working this fast in the worst-possible conditions.

    1. larryc213 says:

      Phil Wagner, I agree. They are saving lives.

  2. Phil Leftwich says:

    Almost as if it was planned.

    1. leslie graham says:

      Let me guess. You’re a magahatter.

      1. Bruce Boelter says:

        How’s that Gore-Bull Warming workin’ our fer ya?

        1. Is that ignorance or stupidity talking? Are you incapable of (or just adverse to) educating yourself? It’s not that difficult; the news is replete with the scientific knowledge you lack, right at your fingertips. Of course, then you would spoil that perfectly good dunce cap you’re wearing.

      2. Shawn Patterson says:

        One…what an incredibly brain dead, brain washed stupid comment. Two…I hope so. Knowing that a “MAGA hat” is just a hat indicates you AREN’T a brain dead, brain washed incredibly obnoxious and stupid Democrat. Only an idiot Democrat turns a hat into an object of hate and uses it to justify their undeniable, irrefutable acts of violence. Double thunderbolts on your collar? Yes?

      3. Let me guess, you’re a Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer.

      4. Mendy Mendelbaum says:

        Let me guess you’re the burka worshipper.

  3. Plarp Zootie says:

    We need to build a wall to keep the cold out. A big beautiful wall 30 feet tall.

    And Canada is going to pay for it.

    Make Amerikkka warm again.

      1. You are correct. But then you forgot the southern Democrats left the party when the Civil Rights movement dramatically changed their platform. The Dixiecrats… If you study voting patterns by state the south makes a 180 shift between the 1950s and 1960s. It is all there for you to learn from.

    1. Unlike a wall intended to keep a border secure from invaders, a wall to keep cold out is stupid and exactly what I would expect from a socialist troll.

  4. Michael Austin says:

    Rodeo clowns

    As the climate warms, tens of thousands of lakes may spend …

    As the climate warms, tens of thousands of lakes may spend winters ice free

    A new study published today [Jan. 28, 2019] by an international team of researchers, including at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, shows that many northern latitude lakes are at risk of experiencing some ice-free winters in the coming decades.

  5. New Somalia declares Fatwa on racist whites.. National emergency declared to appease this valuable asset to the community.

  6. Peter Morgan says:

    I hope those without power are all Muslims. Freeze!!! Go back to the desert.

    1. Plarp Zootie says:

      Oh look. another racist Mad MAGA Hatter.

  7. Jan Green says:

    We can’t even discuss the weather without everyone’s political blah blah blah. Good grief.

    1. Jan just remember who made weather political.

    2. Mick G Carriveau says:

      These comments on the cold weather are so “polarizing”.

  8. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    If it wasn’t for all the social justice warrior white girls for muslims to sexually assault, they would have gone back to the deserts to be with their goats and IEDs to escape Minnesota winters. Minneapolis = FBI lists as the #1 hotbed for terrorists

  9. Joe Schmolen says:

    Too cold is vastly more dangerous than too warm. The climate is gradual cooling underneath its ups and downs, but you can’t even say it without being accused of being a denier. The natural condition over the last million years has been a cold climate, and here we are shutting down power plants. Extra-cold winters are killing tens of thousands in Europe, but they don’t publish it.

    1. Facts and truth upset the Left’s false narrative. Shame on you!

  10. Charles Tomey says:

    Failing infrastructure…. slowly becoming 3rd world.

  11. Don McDaniel says:

    If you follow AOC’s agenda, solar panels would replace all that nasty fossil fuel and you northern folks wouldn’t have power outages.

    1. Jack Jackson says:

      Yeah, because the sun always shines.

    2. I know full well that you’re trolling but there are people in this world who might take you seriously… So, power outages don’t happen because there is no power. They happen because the equipment near your home or at a nearby substation short-circuits and/or fails.

  12. Doug Welder says:

    Nice here at Guanacaste Welding. Getting ready to spray a couple entrance gates and drink a beer.;-) Look the volcano is out ! https://lakearenalproperties.com/properties/330/

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  14. Richard Simon says:

    Keep send those American and God hating Muslims to our government. Hopefully God will resolve it.

  15. Big Mama says:

    Hows that GREEN ENERGY workin out for ya,,,heh heh heh

  16. Ken Nunn says:

    good maybe their government can help them now.

  17. Pelroy Strongarm says:

    Uh oh, they forgot to install their solar panels.

  18. Kurtis Engle says:

    Bury the damn wires.

    It’s one thing to put up poles when you don’t know for sure where the lines are going. It’s a prototype. It’s a very different thing to do when you do know exactly where the lines are going.

    “Oh, but that costs money!”

    Point of order. The pole in front of my apartment cost $9,000 to replace. Why did they do it? It had been 30 years. Guess what they plan to do again in 30 years. And, the entire time, this pole has been reducing the value of the house I live in, thus reducing tax collections, thus costing the city even more. and we have to maintain the ability to fix it in the most horrendous weather. That’s spendy too.

    So, it doesn’t cost more to bury the wires, but that does prevent the storm blacking out power when you need it the most. It’s not a jobs program. Quit milking it. We have other things to do with your time and our money.

  19. Jay ND says:

    And solar power and wind power would fix this > And nobody knew this was going to happen so no one was prepared > Quit whining suck it up, it gets cold in the state, and you need to have alt methods to keep warm.

  20. Daniel Turissini says:

    Some global warming would be nice about now.

  21. bigern77 says:

    It should be “fewer than 600 customers”, not “less than 600 customers”.

  22. David Gouge says:

    Just as Algore predicted… Repent, all ye Global Warming deniers, while you still can!

  23. Mike Arvand says:

    Well…Maybe those liberal asshats would have allowed Big Stone II to be built, there might have been some reserve and a backup grid to fall back on. Maybe if we’re really lucky. the illegals and imports will leave and the liberals will bail, which will vastly help minneapolis become great again.

  24. Maple Jones says:

    What if the economy crashes and the power grid fails for a few months during the winter? In the coming year’s this may be a real scenario. It’s time to prepare now. We in America have had it easy these past decades. Subconsciously, we Americans believe we are immune. Our government has caused turmoil around the world and soon we will have to pay for it. We Americans have been too passive. Prepare your heart Spiritually.

  25. Dan English says:

    Would like to take this opportunity as an example of what could occur if we suffer damage to our power grids. People are so put out after one day? Imagine an entire WInter without power. Maybe this will act as a wake up call to many that you need to have a minimum amount of food/water and equipment to maintain your family in case of an extended emergency.

    Sadly it likely will not.

  26. Turn off the Eastern power grid with an EMP attack and 95%+ of these unarmed urban liberals are dead by Easter.

  27. I wonder how many of these folks are now “former” global warming believers?

  28. Peter York says:

    it’s God’s punishment for sending us Al Franken.

  29. Hopefully the cold will reduce the muslim population!

  30. Tim Cogswell says:

    But, but… windmills and solar panels were gonna prevent all this, right? Right?

  31. Mg Alta says:

    Imagine in Al Gore had won and the entire country was now dependant on wind and solar. Imagine what things will be like if he and his democrat friends do win. 60 below with no poer, that will be just wonderful

  32. Jose Ortega says:

    Makes me glad that I installed a 200KW standby generator in my house. Early this morning I hosted several of my neighbors and their pets during the outage. At 0730 the ladies seized control of the kitchen, and cooked up a great breakfast. By 0900 everyone went home. We had good time.

  33. rytwinger says:

    I feel real bad for the muzlim slobs….

  34. David LaPell says:

    I live in a spot where it gets real cold during the winter, and I own a small kerosene heater. It won’t be like Miami, but you won’t freeze either. I keep a good 3-4 days of fuel on hand. Amazing people have to be told it gets cold in winter.

  35. David Kroger says:

    This happens all the time in Montana during winter. 40 below is common in the mountain regions. I have property near Yellowstone and never go there in the winter.