MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The polar vortex wreaking havoc in Minnesota has busted furnaces, water pipes and even a metro water tower.

More than 100,000 gallons of water spilled out the water tower in White Bear Township when its plumbing froze early Wednesday.

It made an icy mess on roads around the area, but did not affect service for residents.

(credit: Kari Kauffman/Facebook)

The lobby of a downtown Minneapolis apartment building is drying out after a frozen water pipe burst Wednesday afternoon.

Officials at the Churchill Apartments says a frozen pipe burst in the city’s downtown skyway system, which is connected to the building. It caused a sprinkler head on the first floor to open, dramatically flooding a large area.

No one was hurt in either incident.

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  1. …when water spilled OUT THE tower? Don’t you have an editor? When water spilled OUT OF THE tower…

    1. Rosemaryflower says:

      winter weather. Deal with it

    2. Rosemaryflower says:

      Sorry gramma, I was not replying to your grammar corrections. I believe graduating from 5th grade does give you a journalism degree haha j/k

  2. Jack Carter says:

    Hopefully, all of the mosques freeze and the sand rats head back where they belong.

  3. David Puddy says:

    “The Earth has a Fever” – Al Gore

    1. Desmond McGlynn says:

      “…needs more cowbell.”

  4. Sam Huston says:

    No reasonable person is denying that the climate changes.

    What is being contested is the notion that punitive carbon taxes, and the wholesale transfer of middle class wealth to the politically connected “green energy” barons will have any effect on it.

    The Climate has been changing long before humans appeared on the planet and will continue to do so long after we disappear.

    How many global warming disaster predictions have the AGW alarmists made since the Al Gore movie?

    Four, five, six hundred?

    If the global warming alarmist make enough of them, the law of averages dictates that some of them is will eventually catch up with a naturally occurring climate phenomenon.

    Reasonable people don’t doubt science.

    Reasonable people doubt politically driven science where public funding dictates the manufactured results and the manufactured results dictates who gets the public funding.

  5. Bob Wahler says:

    They better get a handle on this global warming or we’re all gonna freeze to death. 🙂

  6. Have to admit this is one time I’m glad I am living in California. But those feelings are rare so I am going with this one 🙂

  7. Vance Porter says:

    Lived in Minnesota for a few years. It was cold.

  8. David King says:

    oh yeah its winter get over it

  9. And I happier now more than ever that I decided to move to Florida

  10. We told you global warming was going to cause record cold.

  11. David Coker says:

    How much does the high altitude aerosol spraying as a part of the climate engineering have to do with these record temperatures. Strange how no one talks about the chemtrails overhead on a daily basis. If it is a so called SOLAR SHIELD what the Hell are they doing spraying when it is already freezing cold outside? THOSE IN POWER ARE LYING TO US AGAIN Look into the Georgia Guidestones There is an agenda.