MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After enduring days of sub-zero temperatures, the bitter cold has finally released its grip on Minnesota.

After 78 hours, the thermometer finally made it above zero for the first time.

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It’s only going up from here as temperatures flirt with the 40s this weekend.

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WCCO’s Mary McGuire shows us how people enjoyed this seemingly mild weather.

What a difference a day and a couple dozen degrees makes. Sunny and 15 felt more like sunny and 75 after a couple days of hibernation. Swinging from negative to positive, the ups and downs proved to be the perfect storm for the City of Lakes Loppet Festival.

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(credit: CBS)

“I recognize other people have been pained by the weather, but this has been absolutely perfect for us,” said John Bussey of the Loppet Foundation. “We got dumped on perfectly this past week and then had deep cold to settle the snow in and help us plan. Now the weekend’s events are looking perfect.”

Organizers had to shift around a youth event earlier this week because of the deep freeze.

“Minnesotans are flexible, skiers are flexible, we never try to cancel events,” Bussey said.

The weather forced people to also change plans in downtown Minneapolis. Great Northern had to reschedule an outdoor concert featuring Matt and Kim from Thursday to Friday because of inclement weather.

Although it feels better outside than it did, 15 degrees is still a little chilly for an outdoor concert. But this is Minnesota after all, and there’s no better way to keep warm than dancing in the street.

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