MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Video released Wednesday shows the bizarre shooting of a school bus driver.

It happened where Interstates 35W and 94 merge in Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon.

A MnDOT traffic camera was rolling for the slow, snow-filled commute. As cars crept along, a Toyota pulled over in front of a pickup truck and a school bus. That is when the driver, who police say was 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly, got out and immediately started firing.

RAW VIDEO: Man Shoots School Bus Driver

The video is tough to see, but shows what appear to be a couple gun flashes right away. Then, as the man walks between the pickup and the school bus, he apparently fires at least two more times. One final flash is seen as the man stands next to the bus’s door.

After the shooting, the man can be seen on the phone, pacing back and forth. A gun can be seen in a holster on his hip. He is wearing what appears to be a security guard uniform. As the first Minnesota State Patrol trooper arrives, the man puts his hands up. He is later cuffed and walked to the door of the bus, then put in a squad.

Police say the bus driver was hit in the head but will survive. Lilly has not yet been charged. Police said Tuesday that a small crash may have led up to the shooting.

Jennifer Mayerle

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  1. Ben McFarland says:

    what the hell is wrong with people

  2. John Peterson says:

    ‘Murica!, uhh!

    Friggin’ gun nuts don’t know how to communicate with anything except extreme violence.

    1. Omaha Jim says:

      John Peterson – legal gun owners do not murder people with guns…it’s always criminals or terrorists, and usually with a lefttist idealogy.

      Muslim? It is MN after all.

      1. Nikolas Cruz, legal gun owner, Parkland shooting. Stephen Paddock, legal gun owner, Las Vegas shooting. Christopher Harper-Merce, legal gun owner, Umpqua Community College shooting. Dylann Roof, legal gun owner, Emanuel AME Church shooting. Aaron Alexis, legal gun owner, Washington shipyard shooting. James Holmes, legal gun owner, Aurora Colorado. Need I go on? And no, they aren’t “leftists”. Most have conservative leanings and are from conservative families. Nice try though.

        1. The problem with your response Bill is that you are using logic. And as you may know logic has a liberal bias aka alternative facts.

        2. Karen Michelle Lancaster says:

          I think I love you, Bill.. But fair warning, tRUmpanzees and Ammosexuals do not receive facts well.

  3. David Rice says:

    “Police said Tuesday that a small crash may have led up to the shooting.”

    No! A car crash did not result in this lunatic shooting people in the head: HAVING A HAND GUN DID!