MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Excitement filled the air at Boom Island Park on Sunday as Sen. Amy Klobuchar said she wants to be the nation’s president.

Kari Shroeder and her daughter, Taylor, held signs of enthusiastic support.

“We think she’s done a wonderful job for Minnesota and I think that she would do a wonderful job for the U.S.,” Shroeder said.

In the crowd of supporters, there were some who came less out of loyalty and more out of curiosity.

“I don’t know what I’m hoping for. I’m curious what her platform is and what she’s gonna do in the future,” Nathan Proft said.

Andrew Irving and Celeisia Stanton were at the rally as well, “We’re just curious to see what she’s gonna say and the issues she’s gonna represent and that kind of thing. How she’s gonna repackage herself for the country.”

And those who didn’t show up at the rally also had thoughts on the day’s development.

“I think it’s an already crowded field and she’s probably not gonna get too far,” said an ice enthusiast from Colorado who was visiting the Recreation Outdoor Center rink in St. Louis Park.

He says he recognizes Sen. Klobuchar because of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

“She’s not well-known out of state, but I’m familiar with her from Minnesota,” he said. “I think she has an opportunity to distinguish herself from the far left though.”

Swing voter Jason Pagac says one thing that distinguishes the senator is her chance to make history.

“Around half the country is women, why isn’t there a woman president? I don’t get it, why hasn’t there been? I see a problem there and it needs to be fixed,” Pagac said.

Several of the people we spoke with say they are interested and proud Sen. Klobuchar is a female from Minnesota running for president, but they really want to know more.

Some of the issues they mentioned to WCCO are healthcare, race relations and women’s rights. We will likely hear more on those issues in the coming weeks and months.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield