MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  Very little has gone right for the Wild since the All-Star break — they’ve lost five out of six games.

Head Coach Bruce Boudreau said after Sunday’s loss that if they don’t go on a winning streak soon, they’re going to be “golfing early” this year.

“We see how good of a team we can be and we’ve just got to make sure we do it consistently,” explained Jason Zucker.  “That’s been our problem, doing it consistently this year.”

Lately, it’s the losses that have been consistent.

But if the Wild want to reverse those fortunes and give Bruce Boudreau that winning streak, he believes, actually, not that much needs to change.

“We play hard every night. We don’t get beat by six goals or five goals. It’s either an empty-net goal, or it’s a one-goal game,” said Boudreau. “So I mean, we’ll keep going and hopefully one day we’ll get a little bit of puck luck and we’ll win three, four, five in a row before this thing’s over.”

Part of it, though, is that old adage about creating your own luck.

“I think if we do the right things more and more we’re going to get those bounces or those bounces won’t matter as much if they go against us,” explained Charlie Coyle. “That’s hockey, it happens.”

If there’s one comfort for the Wild, it’s that they don’t feel they’re that far off. The trouble is that doesn’t matter much in a results-oriented league.

“We can say we’ve been playing great all we want but if you miss the playoffs it doesn’t matter how great you played and lost,” Zucker said.