MASON CITY, Iowa (WCCO) – Sen. Amy Klobuchar hit the ground running Saturday, kicking off her 2020 presidential campaign.

The senator made two stops this afternoon. The first event was in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the second was in Mason City, Iowa.

She spoke of bringing change to Washington, President Donald Trump’s national emergency and the importance of unity.

Klobuchar joins a growing field of Democratic candidates who plan to visit Iowa early and often. She’s the only Midwesterner in the race, and she has a Midwest strategy.

The three-term Democratic senator is counting on support from Minnesota’s closest neighbor.

Klobuchar greeted voters at a local pub, pushing what she calls “Heartland Economics.”

“That doesn’t mean it just works in the heartland. It will work everywhere,” Klobuchar said. “It is about common sense and making sure our country works for everyone, not just a few.”

Klobuchar’s to-do list leans center left: health care, housing and especially lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

“I can tell you those pharmaceutical companies think they can own Washington. Well, they can’t own me,” Klobuchar said.

Iowa Democrats who came to see Klobuchar are far from making up their minds, but they told us they liked what they saw.

“She’s rational. She’s one that will not go too far left so that she turns off a lot of people who might be willing to vote Democratic,” one voter said.

“I want to see somebody who doesn’t belittle someone to get a point across. Treat people with dignity and respect – like she does – and we don’t have that right now,” said another.

Klobuchar will spend another day in Iowa – the first caucus state – before heading to New Hampshire, the first in the nation’s primary a year from now.

Watch Sen. Klobuchar’s Event In Mason City, Iowa: