By Christiane Cordero

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities in a community southwest of the Twin Cities say they’re working to clear ice dams from a flooding river so that residents at a mobile home park can return to their homes.

The Jordan Police Department said Friday that it’s working with emergency and public works crews to remove ice dams from Sand Creek, which has flooded nearby Valley Green Manufactured Home Community.

On Thursday night, the mobile home park’s manager voluntarily evacuated the park, where about 300 people live. While residents were able to walk amid the floodwaters, they weren’t able to drive in or out of the park.

One resident, Denise Anderson, said she and her husband had to make the tough choice to leave their home behind.

“I went outside and was watching all the ice bergs go by and then all of a sudden I watched the water go over the little berm they had built here.”

As of Friday morning, authorities say that the floodwaters in the park are still about a foot high in some places. However, they say once the ice dams are clear the floodwaters should subside.

Residents who evacuated the park Thursday were taken to a nearby high school for shelter.

Across southern Minnesota, flooding from snowmelt and recent rain is making rivers swell, leading to standing water in low-lying places and street flooding. Earlier Friday, a flood watch was issued for extreme southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Christiane Cordero