DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) — Sen. Amy Klobuchar is jabbing at fellow Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for saying he was “just born to be in” in the White House race.

Klobuchar says that “growing up in the `70s, in the middle of the country, I don’t think many people thought a girl could be president. I wasn’t born to run. But I am running.”

Klobuchar tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that it was “probably more when I got to college” that she thought she might run for president one day.

She says “It’s something that’s happened over time, as I’ve realized I can do things.”

Asked whether she feels “born to do this,” she says: “Oh, that’s the Beto line.”

He made the comment in a Vanity Fair interview.

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  1. Come on Amy Klobuchar! Omar has killed any chance of you doing anything.
    Minnesota = Omar = Klobuchar in most people’s minds.

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