JORDAN, Minn. (WCCO) – “I worried that I wouldn’t have anything to come home to, that everything would be destroyed,” said Amy Vaughan, whose long weekend ended Tuesday with a sigh of relief.

“We’ve been very stressed. It’s been hard for the kids, hard for me, trying to figure out where we are going, living out of our car,” Vaughan said.

As flood waters rose on Thursday, she had to evacuate out her back window with the help of a neighbor at Valley Green mobile home park.

“He grabbed each kid, grabbed their stuff and helped me out the window,” Vaughan said.

After crews loosened a massive ice dam that caused those evacuations, the water went down and people were finally able to go home.

Those glaciers are now making a big mess of Holzer Park, which lies on the banks of Sand Creek.

Kelly also lives in the park and says most of the damage she’s heard about in the neighborhood is limited to wet heater vents and flooded cars.

As others left, she decided to wait out the water with her family.

“It was like being snowed in in an extra-long blizzard, comparatively speaking. You can’t go anywhere,” Kelly said.

After being cooped up for more than four days, it was high time for her son to enjoy the puddles and have some fun in the water that caused so much anxiety.

Even though flood waters have receded, Valley Green is located on a flood plain so it’s important for residents to stay vigilant about their surroundings and know that more flooding in the future is possible.