By Christiane Cordero

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — Twin Cities-based Life Time continues to expand beyond its athletic roots. This time, it’s into co-working spaces.

With Life Time Work comes a 27,000-square foot customized space on the ninth floor of 1600 West End Tower, in St Louis Park. It’s the first co-working space of its kind in the Twin Cities, with Life Time Athletic in an adjacent building and included in all memberships.

The memberships themselves cater to a specific type of professional, according to Life Time Work President James O’Reilly.

“The standard age in a co-working age environment is a mid-20s to mid-30s age. And we’re getting an age range more like 30s to late 50s,” O’Reilly said. “So it’s a broad range of more experienced professionals.”

And with that comes a higher price tag.

Memberships start at $420 a month and climb all the way up to $2,000. The pricing structure is based on personal space—the most affordable lounge memberships have access to shared spaces only. The shared spaces include a library, sofas, conference rooms, a kitchen, and quiet rooms for making phone calls. Resident members have access to that, plus their own desks.

“They tend to nest at these spaces so they leave their desktop out,” O’Reilly said. “They have a picture of the family and the pets and the kids and all that good stuff, but that’s their spot and they have full access to 27-thousand square feet of amenities.”

Private offices are the most expensive, and come with a lockable suite.

As of its mid-March soft launch, Life Time Work was at 60-70 percent capacity. O’Reilly says members include legal, real estate, creative advertising and video production professionals, among others.

Part of the lure, as is true for all co-working spaces, is to get various professionals under one roof, opening up the room for cross-collaboration.

Life Time Work is scheduled to officially open April 3.

Christiane Cordero