MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Metro Transit’s new general manager says the organization is planning to make improvements in order to keep riders happy.

The focus is on cleanliness and safety.

Metro Transit is planning to add staff, according to general manager Wes Kooistra. During weekday commutes, four workers will be cleaning light rail cars while they’re in service.

There will also be more uniform and plain clothes officers on board. The Transit Police will check fare compliance and stop smoking.

There will also be increased law enforcement at several transit stations.

Comments (2)
  1. Carmen Live says:

    Well, it’s about time! Yesterday I thought I was going to throw up on that green line. If I would have been pregnant for sure I would have, instead just a gag or two. I think I should have a week of free rides. Some bodies taking up most of the seats sleeping of the booze. It is so nice those free riders to leave all their messes on the floor and on the seats like it is a full service restaurant and hotel

  2. Mary Richardson says:

    When are all these so called improvements going to happen? This morning myself along with other regular passengers that ride the early 4 something am morning blue line train every day to get to work were exposed to crack pipe and cigarette smoke along with aggravating smug behavior by a young Indian or Hispanic male. When we asked him to stop smoking on the train and let him know that we were contacting the police he gout up walked over to us by the door blew smoke into the passenger that said she was contacting the police laughed and told her there was no train car number for her to report. I told him that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be smoking on the train and his trashy ass responded that I wasn’t supposed to be on the train ever. For years we have been contacting Metro Transit and begging them to get Metro Transit officer to ride the early morning train out of MOA because every day it’s something and dangerous behavior passengers are being exposed to. Still no officer presence! Officer presence means nothing to me because I had to catch the southbound train the other day and people were smoking marijuana and cigarettes on the train platform with the Metro Transit polis sitting in their cruiser doing nothing. So the proof is in the pudding and so far all I have seen is lies, and bs. Something better happen soon because if I sustain any health issue from all the toxic drug and cigarette smoking I’m being exposed to I will be filing a lawsuit against Metro Transit. Passengers are paying too much money to have to deal with the daily negative dangerous toxic fumes, aggravating & frustrating issues they’re experiencing on the trains and buses, but especially the trains. You can’t open the windows to escape the fumes, and I’m tired of the inconvenience of me getting off the train to get away from the craziness just to board another train with the same damn experience.

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