MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis is reportedly launching a pilot program to help hundreds of homeless students by providing rental assistance and access to social services in the hopes that the improved stability will lead to better success in the classroom.

The Star Tribune reported Tuesday on the city’s Stable Homes, Stable Schools program, which is a major initiative from Mayor Jacob Frey, who ran for office on the need to address affordable housing concerns.

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Under the three-year pilot program, the city would reportedly invest $3.4 million annually from its general operating fund to help 650 homeless Minneapolis Public School students. The program is expect to start helping families next month.

According to the newspaper, the program will provide rental assistance for eligible students’ families and give one-on-one support from a social services provider.

If the program is successful, Frey hopes to expand the initiative to help thousands of homeless students in Minneapolis.

Comments (2)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    So it cost the city $52307 per homeless student, to help house them, how are the city taxpayers funding this? Through continual property tax increases due to liberal do gooder policies.

  2. Timothy James McNeill says:

    For this to work it starts with helping parents. Help is also needed to help those who are in the next growing age group. 54 on up are having problems finding housing that is affordable. I for one keep looking and I have yet to get any help. Putting people in shelters is not the answer. Helping those that are mature, collecting Social Security, SSDI, etc. need help!! I am in that group and don’t drink or use drugs.. Help us now!! People lining on trains, in need of mental help, and just trying to get by are in need now too. It is time for this state to address the problems and start doing something about it. People who are homeless make for unsafe streets, crime, and damage to our libraries for lack of something to do.