MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – April showers bring May flowers, but they could also bring swarms of mosquitoes this year.

As all the snow melts, the water pools left behind become a breeding ground.

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“There are mosquito species, believe it or not, that take advantage of that snowmelt water,” said Mike McLean, with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control Department.

Bug swatting season doesn’t start until May, but the process in the water starts a lot sooner.

“The larva that are in the water actually will begin to develop pretty soon, within the next week or two,” McLean said.

So, now is the time to be proactive around your home.

“There are a lot of different kinds of mosquitoes, the kind that develop in the junk we leave lying around tend to be the kind that can cause diseases,” McLean said.

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More snow could also help.

“Mosquitoes are ready to go. They are poised to start to develop as soon as conditions are right, but a big snow storm like we had last year really pushes that off and gives us a little bit of a break in the lead into summer,” McLean said.

The cold of the snow slows the growth of mosquito larva, and finding that larva is about to become easier. Now, the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District is using technology to help fight mosquitoes.

“We are pretty excited about some of the applications for drones in the work we do,” McLean said.

They wouldn’t use drones to spray mosquitoes but instead as a source of reconnaissance to find and treat mosquito larva.

“The cameras on these drones has gotten so good that we can find out which site worth treating,” McLean said.

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Taking the fight to the air before the mosquitoes take flight.

Lisa Meadows