MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — U.S. Bank Stadium holds about 66,000 football fans. But, given a basketball court is smaller than an NFL field, there are 72,000 tickets available for the Final Four.

So, how are the tickets divvied up? Good Question.

According to the NCAA, half are given to the general public, which is the largest allocation of tickets to the general public of any national sporting event. Most of those tickets were sold via lottery last spring. Some were given to Prime Sport, which partners with the NCAA to sell ticket packages.

A quarter of the tickets go to the NCAA, its corporate partners and sponsors, the host committee and the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

The final quarter go the schools in the Final Four, which this year are Auburn, Texas Tech, Michigan State and Virginia. And the ticket exchange is for fans who are looking to sell their tickets to someone else.

Each school get about 3,600 tickets. Many of those are offered to donors or season ticket holders. That number also includes tickets for families, coaches and staff. Spokespeople for the University of Virginia and Auburn say the players can request six tickets for their friends and family.

Each school is also given another 600 student tickets that sit on the floor.

All of the tickets are sold out, but many have made it to the secondary market. Ticket King, a ticket re-seller says there will be a number of Minnesotans in the crowd on Monday night. That’s because after the Saturday games, some fans of the losing teams sell their Championship game tickets and people who live locally scoop them up.

Heather Brown