MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — OK, Jack Frost. You win.

After a long and seemingly-unending winter, Minnesotans deserve a cold beer on a warm patio.

The patio at Sea Salt Eatery, located just steps away from Minnehaha Falls, won’t be warm when it opens its door for the season on Friday — but the beer will certainly be cold at this summer hangout.

The restaurant typically opens sometime during the first two weeks of April, whatever the weather may be.

“It doesn’t always work out, as you can see,” said employee Gabriel Patlan.

(credit: CBS)

Workers spent the day on Thursday practicing recipes and filling the registers, stocking up for what they hope is a busy summer.

“You can’t really eat outdoors when the snow is all around,” Patlan said.

Sea Salt has dealt with Mother Nature’s wrath before. They opened in early April last year, only to close due to sheets of ice and below-zero temperatures.

Facing blizzard-like conditions, the seasonal business is focusing on the sunnier, warmer days ahead, crossing their fingers that the only ice they deal with in the future is chilling their drinks.

The restaurant is located at 4825 Minnehaha Ave. It will open at 11 a.m. on April 12.