By Jeff Wagner

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) – Concy Rajkumar already had a lot on her plate Sunday.

She was preparing to host Easter dinner and had to get ready for mass in the morning, but something else would suddenly occupy her mind for the rest of the day once she turned on the TV.

“I almost dropped the coffee on the ground,” she said after seeing news reports about bombings in her home country, Sri Lanka.

Eight locations, including churches and hotels, were targeted in what’s being called a terror attack. More than 200 people were killed while more than 400 were hurt.

Born in Sri Lanka, Rajkumar came to the United States in the 1970s to study at the University of Minnesota.

She grew up Catholic – the religious minority on the island. Her family attended St. Thomas Church in the capital city of Colombo, one of the eight locations bombed.

“That’s like it’s happening in your own home,” she said. “That’s too much to my own heart and brain, that’s too much.”

Rajkumar first thought the attacks might be political, given the country recently had a civil war, which ended about 10 years ago. She never thought her religion would be the target.

“Who is doing this? Is this foreign influence or internal influence? How is it coming to damage the religion,” she said.

As of Sunday evening, Rajkumar said none of her relatives or friends in Sri Lanka were hurt by the attacks. She recognizes that could change in the days ahead as the victims are identified.

It’s been decades since Rajkumar visited her home country. The bombings give her more pause about going back. For now, she’ll turn to her faith as she continues to monitor the fallout from one of Sri Lanka’s darkest days.

“You can hope for the best and pray every day in your heart,” she said.

Jeff Wagner

  1. Anton Savarese says:

    This is tragic indeed. Animals did this.. No question about that..

    However…”At Home?”

    Since 2012 THIRTEEN Christian Churches in Minnesota have been burned to the ground.. Suspects? Suspicions?