By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man died Thursday morning after being run over by a semi at a Minneapolis scrap metal recycling yard.

It happened around 9:20 a.m. at the 1500 block of North 2nd Street. Police say the man was behind a semi as it was backing up.

“Upon arrival, officers found an adult male who had been run over by a semi-truck,” said John Elder, Minneapolis Police spokesman.

Elder said it happened quickly. The man was doing business at the Re-Alliance metal recycling yard. After the incident, the man was rushed to Hennepin Healthcare and was treated for his injuries but died a short time later. Officers say they don’t believe the man nor the semi driver worked for the recycling yard.

Minneapolis police and the State Patrol were on the scene several hours taking pictures and collecting evidence.

“I hate that it happened to them because they are a good company. Re-Alliance is a good company,” Robert Starr said.

Starr regularly sells scrap metal to Re-Alliance.

“It’s two parts so you can go over here where the sheet metal is and the two feet is over on the other side,” Starr said. “Real safe. Real safe. Pretty nice owner and everything.”

The semi driver remained on scene and police say he is fully cooperating with the investigation, as are workers who witnessed the accident.

“It’s a tragedy, something like this to happen, but it happens and I’m sorry for the loss to the family,” Starr said.

“Someone lost their life out here for business, doing a job and unfortunately they won’t be going home tonight,” Elder said.

John Lauritsen