MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Monday, the Minnesota House of Representatives is taking up two major gun control bills.

The first would expand background checks for gun sales. The second is a so-called red flag law that would allow guns to be taken away from anyone found to be unfit by a court.

On Monday morning, gun control advocates rallied in support of the measures at the capitol.

“There is an epidemic of gun violence in America and Minnesota and it is long past time we did something about it,” said Erin Zamoff from Minnesota Moms Demand Action.

Democratic House leaders said there is a 100 percent chance both bills would pass the house, but it’s a different story in the Republican Senate.

Senate Majority leader Paul Gazelka said neither bill would get a Senate hearing.

  1. Barry Hirsh says:

    1) There is no ‘epidemic’ of “gun violence” – according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, it’s been dropping consistently for over two decades. Media hype does not an ‘epidemic’ make.

    2) Fundamental rights cannot be denied without full due process protections, i.e. an adversarial hearing wherein a respondent can face his accusers, cross-examine witnesses, and present witnesses and evidence in his own behalf, BEFORE said rights are suspended/denied.

    Per the 4th Amendment, the issuance of a warrant requires probable cause of a crime having been committed, or in the process of being committed. Red Flag laws sail right by this Constitutional requirement. Until an articulable criminal act is identified and attested to by an affidavit executed under oath, there can be no probable cause.

    People, the Bill of Rights doesn’t consist of suggestions, it consists of commands that limit government power.