ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota House and Senate negotiators have failed to agree on stronger gun control laws.

The conference committee on the main public safety budget bill voted 5-5 on the two proposals, which would have expanded background checks for firearms transfers and allowed police to temporarily confiscate guns from people judged to be an imminent threat.

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Tuesday’s tie votes, which fell along party lines, means the proposals didn’t make it into broader bill, though they could come up again.

Meanwhile, Gov. Tim Walz and top legislative leaders sat down in private Tuesday to try to bridge their deep divisions on taxes and spending. They need to set financial targets to guide the conference committees that have made only patchy progress so far on writing the main budget bills of the session.

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Comments (3)
  1. How about “stronger gun criminal laws”. I am a nice church going woman and lover of all life.
    But to even give an inch on my 2nd amendment rights I say to the government… “my cold dead fingers”.

  2. Kevin Ol says:

    The problem is these knot heads won’t admit that criminals don’t obey laws, or that they can’t legislate morality. With over 85% of all violent crime being committed by a repeat offender, it sounds more like we have a criminal control problem, do like so called third world countries do and remove the offender from the planet. Problem solved no recidivism after that.