By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With only four days left to go before they legally adjourn, lawmakers are racing against the clock with non-stop budget talks at the State Capitol.

Republican and Democratic leaders met behind closed doors again Thursday to hammer out an agreement to fund the state government for the next two years. But talks ended late in the evening without any announcements of real progress.

Despite an early promise of transparency, top lawmakers are now meeting privately behind closed doors. Not much else is moving, endangering high-profile bills that may simply run out of time to pass. The closed-door budget meetings are lasting all day and into the night.

Everything else is at a near-standstill, and numerous high-profile bills are in jeopardy.

Hundreds of demonstrators called on lawmakers to protect a two percent tax on health care providers. It pays for health care programs for poor people.

Immigration advocates are trying to legalize driver’s licenses for all, including undocumented immigrants.

Lawmakers need to pass the budget bills by Monday night’s adjornment deadline. If they can’t, Gov. Tim Walz will have to call a special session.

Pat Kessler

  1. Tommy Johnson says:

    Walz and Clown Co. are a joke…where is the $100+ million for MNLARs and when is someone going to jail for that swindle of public coffer funds? UNBELIEVABLE.