MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota United FC is settling into its new home at Allianz Field in St. Paul.

Now that things are up and running at the stadium, businesses in the area are giving the stadium mixed reviews.

If it’s game day, you’ll find the True North Elite Minnesota United Fan Club at Dual Citizen Brewing Company.

“What we looked for was somewhere that we could meet, obviously close to the stadium, but a big, open space where all of us could meet and we can mingle,” said Zach Murphy, True North Elite member.

The brewery is just one of the local businesses to cash in on the shiny new Allianz Field.

(credit: CBS)

“They love cheering, they love singing and they love drinking, but they won’t hesitate to bus their own tables,” said Tim Kessler, owner of Dual Citizen Brewing Company. “We feel we have a really great space, we feel like we cater to the fans really well, and we love having them. The stadium’s been really positive for us.”

But the stadium hasn’t been a win for everyone. In fact, some of the nearby businesses tell us it has actually hurt their business, and they’re selling out some of their parking spots on game nights to make a little extra cash.

The Pearle Vision location at the Midway Shopping Center next to the stadium moved down the street, further from the stadium last week after more than 30 years at that location.

“It prompted us to start looking for another location because business just declined,” said Angel Branch, general manager at Pearle Vision. “It was the only thing to do. Yeah, we couldn’t have survived another three to five years waiting for them to re-develop the area.”

And as the area adjusts to its newer, larger neighbor, stakeholders hope they’ll get their slice of the action — and the profit.

“I’ve gone to a couple games and the enthusiasm permeates that whole neighborhood,” Kessler said.

Erin Hassanzadeh