MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two new proposals in the Wisconsin Legislature would give people more options for how they get their alcohol.

One allows for curbside pickup and the other makes delivery legal. Under the proposals, people could order alcohol on the phone, online or through an app.

Anyone ordering would have to have their IDs checked in person and electronically to make sure they’re 21.

“They understand that these products need to be delivered to somebody who’s sober and of age, and it’s got checks and balances in place,” said Republican Rep. Gary Tauchen.

The law would also require delivery drivers to be at least 21 years old and they would need to complete bartender training.

“If you actually did sell to a minor, you risk losing your license or having it suspended,” said Brandon Scholz, with the Wisconsin Grocers Association. “No retailer wants to have their liquor license suspended for a couple of days just because the loss of sales are pretty enormous.”

The other bill would allow people in Wisconsin to pick up alcohol at grocery stores in designated parking spots. Right now, individual cities have the right to decide whether stores offer curbside pickup.