MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jennifer Mayerle and Mike Augustyniak covered a lot of ground in this week’s WCCO Saturday Morning show. Here are links for more information.

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Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Tips for summer home preps from Josh Savage of Hero Plumbing, Heating & Cooling:

• Make sure landscaping isn’t too close or growing into your AC unit.
• Spring is a great time to cut back any surrounding hedges, tall grasses, trees or weeds.
• If your unit was covered over the winter, don’t forget to uncover it. We’ve had people turn their unit on when it was still covered and that trips out the unit.
• Get your garden hose and spray off your condenser.
• With all the cottonwood trees in Minnesota, many people actually have to do this several times a summer
• Every 2 or 3 years a deep chemical clean is also needed.
• Put in a fresh filter.
• Sometimes people forget this, since the furnace doesn’t run in summer. But, all the air being pushed into your house still runs through that filter. Replacing it is another way to help with allergens indoors.
• If you have window or stand alone AC units, be sure to replace those filters as well.
• Dirty filters make the AC unit run harder to pull air through to cool your home and that increases your electric bill.
• While you’re replacing the filter, be sure to turn off the humidifier if you have one.
• It’s a good time of year to insert fresh batteries in your thermostat.
• While it may sound simple, programming your thermostat is the easiest way to save money. Reset your programmed temperatures to what you’re comfortable with for summer, instead of winter.