Update: Eagan police have identified the person involved in the instances and say the incidents appear to be a “prank” by a juvenile playing in the woods. Read previous story below.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Three people reported a man wearing a mask at Patrick Eagan Park last Thursday and Friday, the city says. The first report came after an incident Thursday morning around 9 a.m. when a woman was jogging through the park. Officers did not find anything suspicious that day, the city says.

The second report occurred Thursday just after noon when families say they they saw a man crawl out of the woods near the zip line.

The city says the third report was on Friday around 10:30 a.m. when witnesses saw a man come out of the woods and stand near a child before going back into the woods.

The city describes the suspect as a man with a smaller frame, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses. He was also reportedly wearing a blue tight-fitting mask covering his mouth and nose.

Those with further information are asked to call the Eagan Police Department at (651) 675-5799 or file a report online.

  1. Greg Scott says:

    I can report with authority, there was no stalker. It was an 11 year old young man dressed up with a mask. He’s four feet, 9 inches tall, doing what 11-year-old boys do – playing in the woods. He didn’t mean to scare people. Unfortunately, the police report went viral, it made its way to the WCCO website, and now hundreds of people are drawing conclusions based on speculation and rumor.

    There’s another point of view on all this.

    Teenage bullies pick on a young man, and so he likes to dress up and role play. He felt more comfortable when he wore his mask. Last summer, he organized a few other boys his age and younger to haul bags full of broken glass and other junk out of the wooded area between the park and the neighborhood outlot, and now they have their own fort under the trees. I remember building similar forts when I was his age, and I’m sure boys have been building forts in the woods since before our grandparents were born.

    In the incident with the mom and little girl, he came out near the park zip line one day and a mom yelled at the girl near him to get away. The mom scared him and he ran back into the trees. He should have reacted differently, but 11-year-olds sometimes make 11-year-old decisions.

    In the jogger incident, the report states the jogger was wearing headphones and didn’t see anyone. The other point of view on this is, an 11-year-old young man was battling imaginary aliens and FNAF characters in the woods below the hill near the walking trail. He had no idea any grownups were nearby until he saw the reports.

    By now, lots of grownups and a police detective have talked to him. The police want him to do some community service and attend a class. His mother and grandparents are evaluating the best way to move forward.

    He’s an 11-year-old boy who played in the woods wearing a home-made costume. He is sorry he scared anyone and would appreciate it if the police stopped calling this a prank. His mother and grandparents would also appreciate it if the people who shared this WCCO report and other reports would also share this comment.