MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A toddler found not breathing Thursday after becoming entangled in playground equipment in Bloomington is recovering in the hospital.

Kids laughed and played outside New Horizon Academy Friday afternoon. Just a day before, a similar scene turned into a life-threatening emergency.

A source tells WCCO a 2-year-old girl was trying to get to the monkey bars when the strap of her bike helmet became tangled in a ladder. Police say staff started CPR, then police took over before an ambulance arrived and she was rushed to the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Bloomington day care said 27 kids and 4 adult teachers were together on the playground. That’s more than the required one person for every 10 kids.

They call it “an unforeseeable incident.”

“New Horizon Academy staff reacted swiftly and appropriately, following their safety training and our protocol,” the spokesperson said.

The Department of Human Services, which licenses the day care, confirmed it has launched a “maltreatment” investigation into what happened. DHS calls it a “neutral fact finding process.”

The investigation could include a site visit, interviews with key individuals and must get to the bottom of what happened, if maltreatment occurred and if an individual or a facility is responsible.

There’s no time frame for when the DHS investigation will be complete. Police also responded to the incident.

Jennifer Mayerle