MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis police say they will not respond to fireworks noise complaints because it is impossible to keep up with the volume of calls.

The Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without fireworks, but when it comes to illegal fireworks in Minnesota, they seem to be everywhere these days.

“We get probably thousands of calls,” Crime prevention specialist Rowena Holmes said.

Holmes sent out this flyer to residents saying 911 calls about fireworks noise complaints tie up resources for police and create longer 911 answer times.

“Unfortunately, we can’t come out and answer all those calls. We’d like to, but don’t have the manpower,” Holmes said.

But they do ask that you call 911 if you think property is in danger of catching fire or if someone is hurt.

Authorities also say if you want to watch a fireworks show, look for a city event. There are legal non-explosive and non-aerial fireworks sold within the state, too.

If you are caught using illegal fireworks, they’d be taken away and you’d face a fine. If you want to buy legal fireworks like a sparkler, you do need to be at least 18 years old.

The National Fire Protection Association says close to 13,000 people were treated for firework-related injuries in 2017.

There are dozens of fireworks displays planned across the Twin Cities.

Katie Steiner