MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two weeks ago, heavy rain caused flash flooding throughout southern Minnesota.

One of the hardest hit areas was Byron, where dozens of cowers were swept down the Zumbro River.

On Thursday, Gov. Tim Walz visited the area and surveyed the damage. He also met with local leaders, first in Mantorville and then in Byron.

“For me, I’m very hands on, I want to see it and know, so I can go back and tell the story,” Walz said. “One of the things is, if you’re in a part of the state that didn’t get hit by this, why that impacts you. This is a highly productive agricultural area. There’s a lot of industry that happens around here. We have economy not just being damaged here, but it flows into the rest of the state.”

This isn’t the only area of our state affected by high rivers. Coming up at 5 and 6, reporter Bill Hudson will bring us a story about one local business losing money from the high water.

Katie Steiner