MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In one week, we’ll need to put down our phones before getting behind the wheel. But not everyone’s cars and SUVs are equipped to be hands-free.

There are more than 3.3 million drivers in the state of Minnesota who must soon go hands-free.

Carly Evancevich isn’t waiting around, “my phone is already connected to my car via Bluetooth.”

Evancevich has every reason to care. She was a backseat passenger in a distracted driving crash.

“I broke through my seatbelt, hit my head on the ceiling, my spine compressed, my L5 shattered, my pelvis broke. I have brain injuries; I have neck injuries, all kinds of stuff,” explained Evancevich.

So she’s an avid supporter of the new law that for some requires new purchases.

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Brent Kummer runs the Mach 1 store in Richfield. They’ve had a stream of people looking for hands-free help.

“By far and away the ones that are the most popular are replacing the radio, pulling out the factory radio,” explained Kummer.

For those who don’t have built-in Bluetooth, Mach 1 offers a variety of new radio faces that will connect with phones so the driver can speak out into the car.

The new interface model costs $89 plus installation, a Bluetooth speaker that clips to the visor costs $79 and for as little as $15, you can attach a magnetic device and talk on speakerphone. The dashboard mounts are just a few dollars more.

To learn more, watch our 1-minute hands-free driving debrief on the four things you need to know to stay safe on the road.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield