MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police in the south metro say a driver was cited Thursday for texting about Minnesota’s new hands-free law the very day it went into effect.

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The Eagan Police Department tweeted that an officer saw a driver in the lane next to him texting about the very law she was breaking. Additionally, the officer saw the driver put the phone to her ear to make a call, which is also now illegal.

“Thanks for spreading the word,” police tweeted regarding the driver, “but COME ON!”

Minnesota’s hands-free driving law went into effect Thursday (Aug. 1). The law makes it illegal for drivers to hold their phones, except in cases of emergency calls. Drivers can still use their phones to make calls or display navigation, it just has to work through a hands-free system, such as voice activation.

The cost of the first ticket is $50 plus court fees. The cost for the second ticket jumps to $275 plus court fees.