MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Instead of alarm clocks, it was gun shots that awoke the family who lives inside a north Minneapolis home.

“A lot of gunshots and then my granddaughter screaming, just screaming, ‘Nana, Nana.’ And I went back in there and I opened up her bedroom door and there was blood on the floor, her showing me her foot is bleeding and I’m like, ‘What the heck just happened here?’ Lori Melchert said.

What happened was that her 5-year-old granddaughter, Jayda, had been shot.

“Yeah, 5-year-old little girl, ‘Good morning to you.’ That’s what she got this morning,” Melchert said.

Kay G. Wilson is a neighborhood peace activist. He shared the aftermath on Facebook — blood on the little girl’s bed, a hole where a bullet shot through her room. It was a scenario that shook the neighborhood.

Police are looking for the person who did this. They said they fled the scene quickly.

Jayda was taken to HCMC and sent into surgery for a broken foot and a shattered sense of security.

“School starts in two weeks. She’s gonna be walking around with a fractured foot. What are you gonna do when your friends say, ‘Jayda, what happened?’ ‘I got shot.’ Interesting conversation at an elementary school for first day of school. Pretty sad,” Melchert said.

Jayda’s grandmother says she has proudly lived in North Minneapolis for 30 years, and she has never had anything like this happen.

She says Jayda is with her mother at the hospital. She is scared and confused, but is expected to be OK.

Officers are currently trying to piece it all together. They need any tips they can get.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield