MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s been just more than two weeks since the Left Lane Law went into effect in Minnesota, and dozens of drivers have already felt its impact.

Throughout the first ten days of August, Minnesota State Patrol troopers have given out 88 citations and warnings. With fees and surcharges, a ticket will cost you $125.

Known as the “Slowpoke Law” by many, this legislation targets sluggish drivers in the passing lane. It doesn’t mean you can speed. It does mean you can’t hold up the flow of traffic.

“Obviously, we don’t want anyone to go over the speed limit. That in itself is an inherent risk,” said Lt. Gordon Shank of the Minnesota State Patrol.

The law doesn’t apply drivers in MnPass lanes, during icy conditions, rush hour traffic or to those making a left turn.

Snail-like drivers can be pulled over in a variety of settings.

“If a trooper is driving down the freeway and they are patrolling and there is a vehicle that maybe is going well under the speed limit in the left lane that is kind of causing congestion for traffic, that might be a way that a trooper may interpret that left lane as an issue,” said Lt. Shank.

Other motorists have also called in to alert authorities.

“We do get people that call in for someone who might be driving well below the speed limit in the left lane or in any lane for that matter,” said Lt. Shank.

The Left Lane Law wasn’t the only big change for Minnesota drivers on August 1. Hands-free legislation also took effect. Nearly 800 citations and warnings were given out during the first 10 days of enforcement.