By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A small community is coming together to honor a teenager’s life, in a very unique and fitting way.

Eighteen-year-old Landon Gran died in a farming accident last Wednesday. He was about to begin his senior year of high school and had hoped to take over his family’s farming business someday.

“It’s pretty characteristic of Norseland that people really do care for one another and really do come together like this,” said neighbor Solveig Langr.

The tractors lined up by the dozens along Highway 22 have indeed caught the attention of drivers passing by — and just as obvious is the name on the sign in front of it all.

“Just a really nice family and they’ve been in the community forever,” said Langr.

Landon Gran (credit: CBS)

His family had hoped he’d be part of that next generation of Minnesota farmers. But last Wednesday, an accident inside a grain bin claimed his life. To honor Landon’s love for farming, friends and neighbors grieved in their own way by driving and parking tractors of all makes and models along that stretch of highway.

Some of the tractors are more than 80 years old and they have come from all over. Those who knew Landon say they can’t think of a better tribute.

“My son just took over the farm now and we have grandchildren doing this. And I can’t imagine something like this happening,” said Eugene Wellmann.

Wellman is a farmer and a friend of Landon’s family. After the visitation at the church, he came out to see the memorial for himself, and he’s not surprised that from something so tragic comes something so beautiful.

“It’s just another thing to show how the community comes together when tragedy happens to a young person like this,” said Wellmann.

“They come together when they need to. They support one another when they need to. Even when things aren’t so good for them. They understand a heartbreaking situation like this,” said Langr.

Landon was a member of his high school trapshooting team. His friends are hoping to hold a trap shoot in his honor next year.

John Lauritsen