MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A dry spell is much-needed in several Minnesota communities

The heavy rain Thursday morning was just round one. The stormy weather stranded drivers and closed roads in portions of the state late in the afternoon.

(credit: Brian Olson)

Things quickly turned treacherous on Interstate 90 in Austin. Drivers were detoured until flooding waters went down. After being shut down periodically throughout the spring thaw, Highway 93 in Henderson also had to be closed because of flooding on Thursday.

The rain forced sports teams inside in Woodbury. Players were forced to trade grass for turf. Practicing outside on the wet fields is not only dangerous for athletes, but can damage the field permanently.

No one is playing on these fields in southwest Minnesota. They are so saturated with water, it’s flowing over gravel roads in Westbrook. It has rained more than five inches there over the past day.