By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —  The St. Paul Saints have a lot to celebrate — and they did just that Monday.

The American Association Champions marched in a short parade in front of CHS Field at 11:30 a.m. The parade, beginning on Broadway Street and Fourth Street, traveled one block and only lasted one minute.

“It’s kinda like how the Saints are; they do goofy stuff. So a one minute parade is just right,” said St. Paul Saints fan Delfina Reynolds.

And it was just right. It was just enough time to celebrate properly, according to outfielder and Minnesota native Dan Hotl who rented an electric scooter for his parade ride.

“One minute. It was an electric, electric atmosphere,” said Hotl. “A lot of people showed up for it which we did not expect, so that’s just St. Paul Saints baseball for you. We got a great fan base.”

And they do.

“Being in the new stadium and these fans were into these games. They were here and they were loud and they wanted it just as bad as the players did,” the team’s general manager, George Tsamis said.

The Blasiak family watched Saturday’s win alongside more than 5,300 others.

“People were very supportive, they really wanted them to win and I think all the electricity went to the field itself,” said Frank Blasiak.

And now the Saints can all march on in sweet victory.

The St. Paul Saints will take this field again next year mid-May.  The general manager says the goal for next year is to win another championship.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield