MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s not even a month into the new school year, and two St. Louis Park parents are making their kids feel special in a unique way. Every day, Ross Teichner and Kristin Cook put notes in their kids’ lunch boxes, but these notes are elaborate, creative, funny and full of artistic detail.

“There are a few that might have taken 4 or 5 hours,” said Teichner.

Both Teichner and Cook’s kids are best friends and 2nd graders at St. Louis Park Aquila Elementary School. The notes both of their boys, Max and Elliot, receive have gotten a lot of buzz.

“I found a lot of joy in how excited he got when he got home and talk about them,” said Cook.

Teichner and Cook have had some fun with the notes, sometimes splitting one joke between each boys’ note and then they have to find each other at school to complete the joke.

Neither Teichner or Cook are professional artists. They just love getting creative and they use these lunch notes as an outlet.

“It’s really about finding things that they love, so that once a day they know somebody is thinking about them,” said Teichner.

The idea behind each note come from prompts from the kids or they are inspired by something from the week.

“Looking back at them it’s almost like a journal of the year because it’s about the holiday it’s on or an encouraging one because they’re trying out for the talent show,” said Cook.

Ross and Kristin have created an Instagram account called “Lunch Noted.”

They say they found a community of other parents who get creative with lunch notes through social media. You can see their daily lunch notes by following their Instagram Page.

Marielle Mohs