MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A meat processing plant in Pipestone is for sale and set to shutter its doors later this year, impacting the 145 employees who work there.

J&B Group announced its decision Wednesday, saying all operations at the plant will cease by late November, early December.

“The decision to sell the Pipestone facility is a result of a number of factors: a change in product portfolio, the investment of $7.2M in anticipation of new business that did not materialize and our desire to invest in infrastructure at the St. Michael facility,” J&B President Chuck Weum said in a statement.

J&B says all employees will have opportunities in St. Michael at the headquarter facility, which is where Pipestone operations are moving.

“We are working with our Pipestone associates to ensure they are getting the resources they need during this transition and are providing enhanced benefits and severance packages to help during this time,” Weum said.

The primary products processed at the Pipestone facility include frozen steaks and fresh and frozen ground beef.