HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO)– This wasn’t the weather University of Minnesota students had hoped for apple picking in early October.

“It’s a fun time. It’s just not the fun time I was prepared for,” said freshman student Sarah.

In the face of snowflakes, dozens braved the blustery weather at Whistling Well Farm in Hastings.

Luri Culp from Woodbury showed up for apples and pumpkin picking.

“I’ve got like four layers on top, two layers on the bottom. I can layer up or layer down, depending on if I get hot or cold,” said Culp.

Whistling Well Farm owner Charlie Johnson says getting to this point was tough, given the flooding and temperature spikes the area has seen this year.

“No one has seen a year like this year. For apples, even corn and bean folks, they had trouble getting into the field [because of] early rains, heavy rains,” said Johnson.

Saturday’s snow has made a slight dent in the number of people who showed up to the Fall Apple Festival, but this isn’t anything Johnson and pretty much every other Minnesotan haven’t seen before.

“We always say we like to have nice warm crisp fall days for the customers to come out and pick, but so far you can see it’s not bothering them today. Minnesotans aren’t afraid of a little snow,” said Johnson.

According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature on October 12th in the Twin Cities is 60 degrees. The record high is 87 degrees.