MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Millions of people are still getting joy from Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings game, but in this case it’s not because of the final score or even a play any of the team members made during the course of their match against the Philadelphia Eagles.

You may have already seen the viral video of a Buffalo, Minnesota man whose enthusiastic cheer dancing on behalf of the Vikings. If not, check it out here:

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Let’s goooooooo! #SkolVikes

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As it turns out, Glen Raisanen has a reputation for excitement. His friends, who say he’s earned the nickname “Glen Star,” have seen him do it on the job at the medical device company he works for.

“He’s always happy, see him working through the facility, really a great guy so good for him to get some press,” John McMurtry said.

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A bystander caught Raisanen’s celebration this weekend and it’s caught the attention of millions, catching him off guard. Though he agrees that he could be called famous in this moment, he says it’s all about having good clean fun.

“I’m just blessed by the Lord that I can just get up, dance and have fun,” he said. “Some people looked at that and thought, ‘This guy is drinking, he’s just out of control,’ but no, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t do any drugs, I don’t smoke. I just like to have fun.”

Raisanen proves life isn’t just about celebrating the big touchdowns but, rather, celebrating every moment.

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He has been a Vikings fan ever since he was 6 years old, and he says if the team ever wins the Super Bowl, he’ll have an extra special dance ready to go.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield