MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two Twin Cities men are accused of getting two teenage girls drunk, recording themselves having sex with them and sharing the videos online, via social media and a pornography website.

Twenty-four-year-old Michael Koenig, of Little Canada, and 24-year-old Chase Johnson, of St. Paul, are both charged with one count of using a minor in a pornographic work and two counts of possessing child pornography, court documents filed in Ramsey County show. Koenig is also charged with an additional count of disseminating child porn.

According to a criminal complaint, the charges stem from an incident on March 16, when the men picked up the two 16-year-old girls and drove them to Koenig’s apartment, where they gave the girls vodka until they were heavily intoxicated.

The men then told the girls to take off their clothes and videotaped themselves having sex with them, the complaint states. During this time, the mother of one of the girls repeatedly called and texted, demanding that her daughter be brought back lest she call the police.

When Koenig and Johnson dropped the girls off at one of the girls’ homes, her parents took note of the car’s license plate, which was registered to Koenig. The next morning, one of the girls noticed that the videos taken of her and her friend has been shared on SnapChat and Facebook, the complaint states.

Investigators also found that a video had been shared on a pornography website. A search warrant revealed the video was uploaded the morning after Koeing and Johnson were with the girls. The username of the person who uploaded the video was similar to multiple social media tags used by Koenig.

Koenig and Johnson declined to speak with police, the complaint states.

If convicted of the charges, Koenig faces up to 27 years in prison while Johnson faces up to 20.