MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A fired security guard at Cowboy Jack’s in downtown Minneapolis is accused of robbing the bar with a shotgun, knocking out the general manager and making off with about $24,000.

Hakeem Coles robbed the downtown club on Aug. 17, the day after he was fired after being found sleeping in the bar’s back staircase, court documents filed in federal court say.

According to a criminal complaint, Coles told the general manager that he left his phone in the bar’s office, and she accompanied him to retrieve it. When they got to the office, Coles gave his former boss a backpack and told her to fill it with cash.

Hakeem Coles (credit: Hennepin Co. Sheriff’s Office)

When the manager asked if he was kidding, he reportedly said: “I’m not f—ing around.” Then, he pulled a short-barreled shotgun from his pants, pumped it and pointed it at the manager, the complaint states.

After she put the money in the backpack, Coles commanded her to get on her knees, tied her up with a phone cable and punched her in the head with such force that she became unconscious.

Investigators says Coles left the bar with about $24,000 in cash, the complaint states.

Police were able to identify him on surveillance video. Additionally, they learned that he has an active probation violation warrant in Hennepin County related to another aggravated robbery.

According to the complaint, Coles was hired by Cowboy Jack’s two weeks before he was fired.